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The CARITA Experience — luxurious treatments to infuse your skin with radiance and youthfulness. CARITA offers you a universe of made-to-measure treatments that will delight and deliver astounding effects through a unique fusion of science and nature. CARITA treatments give you remarkable and instant results from the inspired blend of the beauty therapists expert hands, relaxing massage techniques, exclusive PRO-LIFT technology and highly effective products.

Carita products

CARITA skin care products have magical textures and innovative formulas including Mother of Pearl, Gold and Diamond that combine performance with sensory delight. Preserving beauty over time, correcting imperfections of the skin, illuminating the complexion…these are the aims of CARITA Haute Beaut&eactue; high-performance skin care.

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Award-winning celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward is one of the industry's leading lights, and the media's 'most wanted' hairdresser. Pioneer of the 'Super Salon' concept, his award-winning salon plays host to a team of over 90 expert staff, looking after the hair and beauty needs of over 1,100 clients per week, including many celebrities.