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Hair prices

Cutting & Styling
Technical Services
Specialist Clinics

Cutting & Styling

Our expert hair team will carry out in-depth consultations free of charge to assess your hair and any style changes before your appointment. Complimentary consultations include analysis of your hair and scalp condition and assessment of your hair texture, face shape and your hair’s capabilities. They will be happy to advise you on all aspects of your hair and home care to help you maintain healthy, manageable hair.

With the aim of ensuring consistency and continuity with our technical, cutting and styling we would suggest asking your stylist or technician to take a picture of your finished look, on your own mobile phone, which can act as ongoing reference for any future appointments.

Please book at reception.

Education Director Artistic/ Salon Directors Creative Directors Style Directors Senior Stylists Stylists Graduate Stylists Apprentice Stylists
Cleanse, Condition & Finish £70 £68 £65 £63 £60 £55 £45 £35
Cleanse, Condition, Cut & Finish £170 £160 £140 £120 £100 £90 £70 £65
Men's Cut & Finish £80 £78 £75 £73 £65 £60 £55 £45
Children's Cut & Finish (Under 12's) from £65 from £60 from £58 from £55 from £50 from £45 from £40 from £35
Chignons (Up-Do's) £POA
Wedding Hair £POA

Price levels are tiered according to experience - to see our range of stylists, please visit Meet The Team Complimentary fringe trims are available with your regular Stylist. Extra charges for long hair / extra time are at the discretion of your Stylist.


With Richard Ward

Cleanse, Condition Cut & Finish £325
Men's Cut & Finish £110

For appointments with Richard we advise that you book at least 6 weeks in advance
Bookings maybe subject to change

  Chelsea Blow Dry Logo

The Chelsea Blow Dry® Bar

Our team of highly-trained junior blow-dry experts can deliver fast, up to the minute looks to keep you looking groomed and fabulous.

Advance bookings not available - please telephone on the day for availability.

The Chelsea Blow Dry® Bar £25
Chelsea Blow Dry Logo

The Chelsea Braid® Bar

Plaits are one of the chicest ways to work an updo. Our elite team of braiding experts can create something unique and bespoke to you - whether you go for an intricate plaited halo braid or sleek fishtail plait, there's plenty to inspire. From boho-babe to mermaidian or even festival chic, come with next day hair and let our team work their braiding magic for divine hair simplicity with that touch of wow factor.

15 minute appointment £25, more intricate work upon consultation.

The Chelsea Braid® Bar £25


Super-Fast Blow Dry £45

When time is of the essence, use our fast-track express service. Two of our expert Apprentice Stylists will Blow Dry your hair simultaneously to ensure you leave the salon preened to perfection 30 minutes after arriving - guaranteed!

Super-Fast Blow Dry & Speed Varnish £55

Feel like a new woman in half an hour by including an expert re-varnish from one of our Manicurists to leave your nails as pristine and gleaming as your hair.

Style School 1hr 15mins workshop £135

Need a lesson in how to Blow Dry your hair? We’ll show you how to achieve salon beautiful hair at home. Available with selected Senior Stylists, you’ll be shown and taught how the professionals do it in this unique hands-on practical session and workshop.

After a thorough consultation, your Stylist will analyse your hair before it is cleansed and conditioned. Working with your own equipment (please bring your dryer and brushes with you) your Stylist will Blow Dry half of your hair, whilst you Blow Dry the other half under their expert guidance and tuition to ensure you can re-create the look yourself.


Richard Ward Prestige Pass

Richard Ward Prestige Pass from £POA

What does every woman want? Imagine the luxury of enjoying one of our expert blow dries every week for an entire year… Our new Richard Ward Prestige Pass allows you to enjoy 52 of our award-winning blow dries from your favourite stylist at a discounted rate.
Pay for 40 blow dries and get 12 free. Use them as and when you wish!
Available across all price tiers

Great Lengths Real Hair Extensions

Great lengths real hair extensions from £POA

Great Lengths is the leader in premium hair extensions, using only the finest 100% human hair of guaranteed origin and ethicality. Great Lengths extensions can be used to:

  • Take short hair to long hair
  • Add  extra volume to fine hair
  • Introduce subtle or dramatic colour contrasts
  • Create stunning fashion effects.

Using patented systems, specially formulated bonds attach to your own hair and are kind to you hair and scalp. Virtually undetectable by sight or touch; comfortable to wear, style and sleep on; are long lasting; can be styled, curled or coloured to create the perfect look for any occasion; look and feel as natural as your own hair; can be removed with no damage to your own hair. Complimentary consultations available.



Our technical team will carry out in-depth consultations free of charge to discuss skin tone (warm or cool), colour changes and techniques and advise on all aspects of hair colouring - please book at reception. We require all clients to follow our skin allergy test procedure. Clients who have not had a colour application in our salon in the preceding 3 months are requested to have a skin allergy test at the salon 48 hours before their appointment. Our Technicians may subsequently require clients to undergo the skin allergy test procedure before commencing further technical services. Please speak to one of our technicians who will be happy to advise.

Colour Technical Director/ Deputy Technical Director Premier Technician Senior Technician Technician Graduate Technician
Foil Highlights/ Lowlights
- Half Head £220/£190 £170 £150 £135 £105
- 3/4 Head £240/£210 £190 £170 £145 £125
- Full Head £295/£255 £225 £200 £175 £140
Vegetable Colour £120/£105 £100 £90 £75 £60
Ammonia Free (Semi-Permanent) £125/£115 £105 £95 £75 £60
Full Head Colour £140/£125 £115 £105 £90 £70
Regrowth Tint £135/£115 £105 £95 £85 £65
Ombré From £220/£200 From £180 From £160 From £140 From £110
Men's Comb-On Colour £105/£95 £90 £80 £65 £50
Homme Men's Colour £80/£70 £60 £50 £45 £40
Flash Lights / Meshes / Balayage / Partial Hilights £POA
Colour Correction / Pre-lighten & Tone £POA
Colour toner £25 per application

Price levels are tiered according to experience - to see our range of technicians, please visit Meet The Team
Prices for technical work do not include finish
Extra charges for partial colouring/extra services by quotation
Extra charges for long hair/extra time are at the discretion of your Technician

Subject to availability, we may be able to supply a section, hairdryer and detangling brush for clients that wish to rough dry their own hair after a colour service

Richard Ward Couture Colour Gloss

Richard Ward Couture Colour Gloss £30

Your technician can create a bespoke, conditioning colour glaze to enhance your colour tones between salon visits. Ammonia free and enriched with plant extracts, our customised, easy to use gloss colour lasts up to 10 shampoos to give ultra conditioning care and revitalise your colour.


Ombré From £110

‘Ombré’ comes from the French word, meaning shading. The shimmering, natural-looking effect of being darker at the roots through to the mid-lengths and lighter on the ends gives a ‘dip-dyed’, sun kissed and wearable look. Available with selected technicians, this baliage style technique can be adapted to suit any age or style, and is ideal for low-maintenance, yet couture colour.

Fuente Organic-based Colour

Fuente Organic-based colour Add £10 per service where applicable

Fuente is made from a fusion of natural and artificial (pharmaceutical) colour pigments; a combination that ensures organic-based hair colouring.

  • Contains Aloe Vera, comfrey, orange, grapefruit and vitamins E and C
  • Mixed in Fuente’s unique colour manager machine to ensure unparalleled colour results every time
  • Covers 100% of white/grey hair
  • Contains 30% more colour pigments for fuller, more intense colour
  • Leaves hair incredibly shiny
  • Primarily natural composition
  • Suitable for all hair types (even damaged hair and sensitive scalps)

Memory Forme®

MEMORY FORME® is the latest technological advance to re-boot your style sleekness, every time you wash your hair. Helping to eliminate frizz and curl, our Keratin infusion treatments offer immediate results to restore and restructure hair, making it more manageable, easier to style and noticeably softer, smoother, shinier and sleeker.

We offer a comprehensive selection of Memory Forme permanent blow dry services to suit every client – ranging from our original, full strength treatment to our exclusive organic systems.

Services are with selected Technicians so please contact reception to discuss which Memory Forme service is right for you. Your stylist or technician can also prescribe the right Memory Forme service for your hair following a detailed consultation.

We would not recommend any Memory Forme services to be undertaken during pregnancy or post-natally.

Memory Forme® Original

Memory Forme following consultation
(minimum 3 hours duration – depending on hair length and thickness)
From £220

Using Nanokeratin System Hair Therapy to both smooth and repair hair, Memory Forme Original’s nano-molecular keratin particles penetrate deep into the hair cortex to leave hair feeling smooth, silky and shiny. The Nano molecules are sealed in and locked deep within the hair shaft during the vaporisation process, enveloping hair and smoothing out damage to leave it with replenished, non-soluble keratin protein.

  • Can be used on all hair types (virgin, coloured, bleached, hilighted, permed or relaxed)
  • Hair cannot be washed or allowed to get wet for 3 days following the service
  • To guarantee results, hair must be left in its natural state for the 3 day period without the use of hair accessories, tying up or being tucked behind the ears
  • We recommend colour services are performed pre-treatment but for post-treatment colour allow a minimum of 10 days
  • With lasting results of up to 3 months when used with our prescribed home care regime
  • Results fade progressively with every wash

With selected Technicians only.
Prices can vary depending on level of Technician selected

Memory Forme® Pure

Memory Forme following consultation
(minimum 2 ½ hours duration – depending on hair length and thickness)
From £295

After extensive research, Memory Forme Pure is our gentle alternative – using a French formula exclusive to Richard Ward - with extracts of lily flower, diamond powder, cashmere keratin and hyaluronic acid to help repair hair, reduce volume and add shine. The unique thermo active technology works with the heat activated by your hairdryer to help reduce frizz and drying time.

  • Suitable for all hair types (even chemically processed)
  • Express service - hair can be washed immediately after treatment
  • We recommend colour services are performed post-treatment
  • Gentle formula does not cause any damage
  • No need to apply to roots only - build up of Keratin actually improves hair’s condition
  • With lasting results of up to 6 – 8 weeks when used with our prescribed home care regime
  • Formaldehyde free

With selected Technicians only
Prices can vary depending on level of Technician selected

Fuente Organic Keratin Forme®

Fuente Organic Keratin Forme Following consultation

(minimum 2 ½ hours duration – depending on hair length and thickness)

From £295

Fuente Organic Keratin is completely based on natural compounds, including Laccase (produced by funghi) and hydrolysed Keratin. Delivering an organic solution to conventional Keratin treatments, hair health is left feeling rejuvenated, shiny and smoother.

  • To maximise efficacy, hair cannot be shampooed until 48 hours after treatment)
  • We recommend colour services are undertaken post-treatment
  • With lasting results of up to 6 weeks when used with our prescribed home care regime

With selected Technicians only
Prices can vary depending on level of Technician selected

BB Forme

BB Forme following consultation
(minimum 1 ½ hours duration – depending on hair length and thickness)
From £150

Taking inspiration from the cosmetic industry, we've created a BB (Blemish Balm) treatment for hair to smooth, tame de-frizz and deep-condition. Combining active ingredients that are high in emollients extracted from plant sources, such as Babassu, coconut, Macadamia nut, olive and Argan oils, BB Forme delivers unrivalled nourishment and repair. Hair’s natural ability to regenerate is boosted via a high concentration of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, ensuring incomparable deep treatment and hydration, as well as intense shine and softness. Hair is fortified, becoming less prone to breakage , with colour protection boosted. Radiance is restored and hair feels more supple, with manageability increased, making styling and detangling easier.

  • We recommend colour services are undertaken post-treatment
  • With lasting results of up to 4 weeks when used with our prescribed home care regime

With selected Technicians only
Prices can vary depending on level of Technician selected


Kérathermie (including finish) £125

A revolutionary new Kérastase haircare service performed by trained haircare specialists, following a detailed hair consultation. This new service reconstructs the heart of the hair fibre whist simultaneously nourishing the surface. A professional, layering service to immediately yet long-lastingly transform damaged hair.

With selected experts only

X-Tenso Moisturist

X-Tenso Hair Moisturist Short hair from £110
Long hair from £145
X-Tenso Hair Moisturist Plus with ironing from £275

X-Tenso® Moisturist creates a straighter smooth ‘natural looking’ finish to achieve the Brazilian Straightening Look.

Using new technology for increased conditioning and smoothing, not only does it contain softening waxes, but it also works with the new intelligent NUTRICATIONIC TECHNOLOGY. X-Tenso® Moisturist boosts the hair’s condition and allows active treatment ingredients to be delivered to where they are most needed on the hair and is ideal for the client that wants tamed volume, to control frizz or an eaiser blow-dry. Lasts up to 60 days, but it's performance can be increased with the use of flat ironing to give the hair a more straighter appearance and further longevity.

With selected Technicians only. Prices quoted do not include finish

X-Tenso® Man Express

X-Tenso Man Express (1 hour) from £150

An express service for those curls or waves that you wish to de frizz and smooth out, leaving hair ‘natural looking’ and easier to style.

With selected Technicians only. Price includes finish

Foundation Curl Soft Hair Waving

Foundation Curl Soft Hair Waving from £160

Introduce permanent soft waves and movement without interfering with your hair's natural condition; creating an invisible foundation for your blow dry or giving you beautiful ‘beach hair’ waves.

With selected Technicians only. Prices quoted do not include finish

Perms & Body Waves

Acid Perm/Wave from £140
Partial, long hair or special perm techniques by quotation

With selected Technicians only. Prices quoted do not include finish

Le Diagnostic Avancé From Kérastase

Complete personal diagnosis with breakthrough magnification technology - inspired by the skincare world, Le Diagnostic Avancé takes the personalisation of haircare prescription to a whole new level.

This exclusive Kérastase service offers a unique insight into the needs of your scalp and hair. The camera produces diagnosis images with 200 times magnification of the scalp and 1,000 times magnification on the hair.

Your personal Le Diagnostic Avancé experience includes:

  • a complete consultation with one of Richard's Kérastase Ambassadors to generate an understanding of your lifestyle, hair care habits and needs
  • unique magnified images of your scalp and hair
  • explanation and discussion of the results
  • tailor-made recommendations for Kérastase Rituals and prescription of your personalised Homecare Programme.

Complimentary with any booking


Hair treatments

  Couture Hair Masques

Richard Ward Couture Hair

Experience any Richard Ward Treatment and take away your bespoke product, included in the price, to continue your hair care regime at home.

Treatment Price

Clay Mineral Masque Intense Treatment
for thin, flyaway or fine/weak hair

Deep conditioning treatment with Dead Sea Mud and Moringa Oil to restore optimum condition without lankness or overload and leave hair feeling intensely moisturised, light and full of volume and body.

Wheat Nutrient Masque Intense Treatment
for medium, normal or fine/plentiful hair

Intensely nourishing treatment with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein to provide maximum hair nutrition without losing body or movement and leave hair feeling deeply conditioned, bouncy and full of shine.

Silk Protein Masque Intense Treatment
for thick, dry or course/abundant hair

Luxury repairing treatment with Hydrolysed Silk Protein to deliver ultra hair hydration and frizz-free sleekness and leave hair feeling silky-smooth, protected, slimmed and manageable.

Fuente Truffle Oil Treatment

Fuente launch the world’s best and first self-thinking shampoo: Truffle by Fuente. The organic ingredients in this revolutionary shampoo include the skin of white truffle, pure diamond dust and meteorite dust from space. This combination exhibits an individual response to each specific type of hair, resulting in an intelligent shampoo that restores every type of hair to its optimum condition, whether damaged by poor diet, excessive heat damage from styling equipment or brushes and external influences such as CO2, UV radiation, pollution, chlorinated or salt water. With 96% active ingredients, hair is left feeling nourished and deeply conditioned.

Treatment Price

Fuente Truffle Oil Treatment
(includes Truffle Shampoo & Conditioner Duo worth £275 to take home)


Shu Uemura Ceremonies

Inspired by the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, Ceremony Moments are unique tailor-made haircare treatments that appeal to all the senses. Designed to take you on an express journey to hair perfection, the textures and fragrances of our treatments, combined with our sensorial gestures will enhance your scalp, hair and mood in moments.

Treatment Price

5 minutes to instant hair replenishment
An express treatment for women on the go. Hair is immediately repaired and smoothed, left with magnified radiance.


10 minutes of bespoke sensorial haircare
A uniquely sensorial experience to seduce the senses and deliver exceptional hair beauty in a moment.


Kérastase Rituals

Beautiful hair begins with a Kérastase Ritual. The most advanced formulations, the most luxurious environments and the expertise of Richard's Kérastase Specialists transform hair beauty into a skilful art form. Richard and his team will prescribe a personalised in-salon Ritual and 3-step Cleanse, Care and Perfect programme to ensure your scalp and hair’s optimum condition. With patented technology exclusive to Kérastase, performance is guaranteed — leaving your hair looking and feeling revitalised, conditioned and lustrous.

5 minutes to fabulous hair with Kérastase high-performance concentrates

Treatment Price

Fusio Dose
The 1st system of highly concentrated active ingredients to be freshly fused by the hairdresser to treat both primary and secondary hair concerns. 16 made to measure combinations, 1 especially dedicated to your needs for fundamental hair transformation.

  • Nutritive Fusio Dose — Enriched and instant nutrition. Hair is left soft, light and shiny.
  • Resistance Fusio Dose — Provides instant strength leaving hair firm with natural soft feel.
  • Reflection Fusio Dose — Gives long lasting colour radiance and shine. Colour is even from root to tip.
  • Densifique Fusio-Dose — Instant replenishing treatment for hair that looks denser and feels texturised.


Treatment Time Price

Intense Nutrition Ritual
Bain + Revitalising Masque
Deep nourishing treatment for dry hair.

15 mins £25

Fibre Renewal Ritual
Bain + Strengthening Masque
Instant reconstruction and repair treatment for damaged hair from root to tip.

10 mins £25

Colour Enhancing Ritual
Bain + Radiance Boosting Masque
Radiance boosting and colour protecting treatment for colour treated hair.

10 mins £25


The secret of beautiful hair lies in a well-cared for scalp.

Treatment Time Price

Immersive Soothing Ritual
Bain + Soothing Calming Masque + Instant Soothing Scalp Treatment + Texturiser
This ritual instantly soothes all scalp discomforts to guarantee the beauty of your hair.

20 mins £25

Revitalising Scalp Ritual
Bain + Hair Treatment + Regenerating Scalp Treatment + Texturiser
This ritual stimulates the scalp and strengthens hair from the root, to provide more resistance and vitality.

20 mins £25

Pro Fiber

L’Oréal Professionnel breaks the boundaries of traditional haircare with PRO FIBER - the brand’s first recharging, longest lasting and most prescriptive professional treatment programme to combat multi levels of damage across all hair types. Using a unique 3-step process, this innovative treatment starts in the salon and is maintained and re-charged by you at home wash after wash. The result is long lasting, advanced damaged care that leaves hair looking and feeling healthier, shinier, with improved resilience and manageability for up to 6 weeks until your next salon visit.

Treatment Price

Pro Fiber

L'Oreal Professionnel's longest lasting and most prescriptive professional treatment programme for damaged hair. Includes in-salon treatment, Chelsea Blow Dry and at-home programme (shampoo, conditioner and recharge booster pack)


Pro Fiber

Includes in-salon treatment and at-home programme (shampoo, conditioner and recharge booster pack)



Bridal consultation and trial - hair 2 hours from £230
Bridal consultation and trial - make-up 1hr 30mins from £100

We recommend a consultation and trial with our specialist Bridal Stylists, who will analyse your hair's capabilities and discuss a bridal look to complement your dress, head-dress and jewellery. They will also discuss your evening hair requirements to ensure you look spectacular the whole day. We will then quote a price for your special day — home visits are also available by quotation.

Bridal make-up consultations and trials are available with our expert make-up artists

National and international rates are calculated on an hourly basis or day rate. On location charges are calculated from leaving the salon until return inclusive of VAT. Travelling and accommodation expenses are not included, Travel within London via Black Taxi, outside of London by private taxi.



Butter Blend Relaxer Service

The Relax (not including Blow Dry) £115
The Relax including Rough/Scrunch dry £145
The Relax including Blow Dry £170
The Relax including Cut & Blow Dry £200


Conditioning Treatment (not including Blow Dry) £30


Conditioning Treatment (not including Blow Dry) £30

Density & Hair Loss Clinic

Density & Hair Loss Clinic
with Creative Director, Fiona Chandler Day
30 mins £75
(redeemable against products purchased)

Unique to Richard Ward, our specialist clinic with hair loss/hair thinning expert Fiona is aimed at anyone who has concerns with aged hair, hair loss, thinning hair, sparse hair density or for anyone needing advice moving forward post medical treatment. Fiona has a unique and understanding perspective through personal experience of hair loss, coupled with her expert knowledge of thinning hair and specialist expertise in dealing with very fine hair. With over 30 years of hairdressing experience in her extensive career, using a hair scalp diagnostic device, Fiona can offer comprehensive diagnosis, advice and recommendation in all aspects of dealing hair loss and its causes, whether genetic, hormone or stress related or medically induced.

Long Hair Clinic

with Technical Director, Mario Charalambous Long Hair Clinic 1 hour 15 minutes £195
Long Hair Clinic (including tailor-made pro-growth reconditioning treatment) 1 hour 45 minutes £280

Long hair is often in need of more expert attention and a growth plan and more intensive programme of care is required. Our Long Hair Clinic Treatment with Mario is designed to retain optimal hair length whilst treating specific conditions relating to long and therefore aged hair. Combining an ultra-moisturising, penetrative treatment with our signature specialist split end removal technique, Mario can ensure that hair is left in optimum condition, whilst maintaining maximum hair length and encouraging more successful length achievement and growth. Hair looks and feels stronger and healthier in appearance, with ends feeling thicker, density improved and hair left rejuvenated and revitalised.

Candle Clinic

Candle Clinic
with Education Director, Nando Lopes
1 hour £195

The ancient Brazilian technique of Velateripia involves using a candle flame to cauterize aged, split ends and deliver stunning results. Split ends - the result of damage to the hair’s cuticle and cortex - can make longer hair look dehydrated, dull and lifeless and unless removed can travel further up the hair shaft, resulting in more extensive and severe damage. Prevention is essential, and with cure traditionally being through cutting, our Candle Clinic offers a practical solution for those who want to maintain their hair length. Our expert Nando has undergone specialist training and works with precision attention to detail, section by section, to regenerate long hair and leave it with newfound lustre and vitality. Includes: cleanse, condition, trim (if required) and blow dry. For best results, visit our Candle Clinic for treatment every 6-8 weeks.

Curl Clinic

Curl Clinic
with Education Director, Nando Lopes
1 hour £195

Dealing with naturally curly hair requires expertise and extensive experience. Our expert, Education Director Nando, carries out a full hair and scalp diagnosis using specialist equipment to assess and advise on all aspects of dealing with curls, including hair growth patterns, hair texture (fine/medium/coarse), hair density (sparse/normal/abundant) and hair's porosity, sensitivity, moisture levels. Nando also analyses your hair's unique curl formation, as well as looking at technical and styling solutions to improve it's manageability and condition. After detailed analysis, Nando will bespokely condition, trim/cut and style hair whilst demonstrating and educating on his specialist techniques, to enable the professional in-salon styling of curly hair at home.

Pro-Growth Clinic

Pro-Growth Clinic
with Style Director, Karen Pringle
1 hour £125

Our Pro-Growth Clinic encompasses all you need to know if you are focusing on growing your hair as healthily as possible. Karen explores your hair’s growth patterns, density and texture as well as focusing on dietary and lifestyle changes to ensure hair growth is maximised and her expert product knowledge ensures she has amassed a wealth of expertise regarding hair health and well-being. Karen will access the condition, strength and vitality of your hair, advising and prescribing a personalised treatment plan tailored to encourage hair growth, boost vitality and enhance condition, including an individual prescription detailing the right products and supplements (if required). Includes: in-depth consultation, prescribed professional in-salon treatment diagnosed to your meet your specific needs and Karen’s renowned Chelsea Blow Dry.

Repair Clinic

Repair Clinic
with Style Director, Karen Pringle
1 hour £165

Environmental damage, pollution, sun, sea and chlorinated water exposure all affect hair’s condition, strength and appearance, resulting in damage and dehydration. The external cuticle damage caused by heat (styling tools) and the internal cortex damage caused by chemical applications (smoothing or colouring processes) can compromise hair’s strength, appearance and condition. Karen will access the hair's structure, examine its strength, porosity and appearance, and create a personalised, prescriptive course of treatment using the latest technology from L’Oreal Professionnel to help nurture, fortify and repair damaged hair, restoring moisture balance and improving resilience and manageability for up to 6 weeks. Pro Fiber’s unique and innovative 3-step treatment process starts in the salon and is maintained and re-charged wash by wash as part of your home hair care regime. Hair looks and feels healthier and shinier, with long lasting results to combat multi levels of damage across all hair types. Regular treatments may be recommended to help restore and repair excessively damaged hair. Includes: in-depth consultation and diagnosis, a personally prescribed L’Oreal Professionnel Pro Fiber repair treatment and take-home booster pack and Karen's signature statement, cut/trim and blow dry.

My New Hair Specialist Wig Customisation

My New Hair Specialist Wig Customisation
with Technical Director, Mario Charalambous or Creative Director, Robert Gibbs
from £155

For women with medical hair loss

Our experts, Mario & Robert have undergone specialist training with cancer nurses to offer respectful, compassionate and in-depth private consultation and advice tailored to the client’s individual needs. Their expertise can create a professionally cut, customised wig that can help transform an obvious wig into ‘my new hair’ for people suffering from medical hair loss.

Award-winning celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward is one of the industry's leading lights, and the media's 'most wanted' hairdresser. Pioneer of the 'Super Salon' concept, his award-winning salon plays host to a team of over 90 expert staff, looking after the hair and beauty needs of over 1,100 clients per week, including many celebrities.