Product Bundles

Our product packages have been specifically personalised to meet specific hair, grooming or skincare needs. At Richard Ward it’s never about any one specific brand, it’s only about cross-referencing to select only those products that out-perform the rest. Our results-led recommendations have been custom-blended to personally deliver couture hair and bespoke beauty. Our team of hair care experts and specialist skin care therapists have handpicked their must-have, can’t live without products; the ones they would recommend if you were in-salon that work in-sync to give you salon beautiful grooming at any time of year. Whether you are pre-or post-sun, want to fulfill your blonde ambitions or simply look after your Memory Forme semi-permanent blow dry, their hit-list of favourties have been packaged together to meet your specific hair care, styling or skincare needs. Our team want to share their extensive experience and expertise with you helping you to have the perfect product combos, giving your skin and crowning glories the home-care perfection every client truly deserves.

There are no products matching the selection.